Easy-to-Use Disk Clone Software for Mac OS

DoYourClone for Mac offers reliable and easy disk cloning solution for Mac users. It is the best tool to clone hard drive or backup hard drive data under Mac OS. If you want to make a full copy of your hard drive or back up your hard drive data on Mac, DoYourClone for Mac is a good choice.

Easy-to-Use Disk Clone Software for Mac OS

Three Disk Copy & OS Clone Modes

DoYourClone for Mac offers three disk clone modes. You can clone your hard drive, make a bootable clone, create a disk image backup depending on your needs.

Copy Hard Drive

Copy Hard Drive

Copy your data from one hard drive to another. You can copy entire hard drive or just selectively copy files from one location to another location.

Clone Mac OS

Clone Mac OS

Clone entire Mac startup disk to an external hard drive and make it bootable. Then you can connect the external hard drive to any Mac and boot from it.

Create Disk Image

Create Disk Image

Make a ZIP/DMG disk image of your Mac system or any hard drive. It is the good way to backup your hard drive or Mac operating system.

Backup Your Data with Excellent Disk Clone Software - DoYourClone for Mac

Making a regular backup of your data is the best way to avoid data loss. DoYourClone for Mac provides easy solution for you to copy hard drive, clone system or back up data under Mac OS.

Disk Clone

Clone Disk

The safe way to clone hard disk drive from one to another without data loss.

Backup Data

Back up Data

Easily back up your important documents, photos, videos, files, or operating system.

Duplicate Hard Drive/OS

Duplicate Disk/macOS

Create a bootable backup of macOS or create a disk image of a disk so that you can use the backup on any other Mac.

Prevent Data Loss

Prevent Data Loss

Restore your data from any backup or disk image if you lose your original data.

Safe and Powerful Mac Disk Clone Software, 200,000 + Happy Users

"Copy the entire hard disk or selectively some data from one drive to another. Create a disk image of a hard drive and save it to another drive. Clone HDD/SSD, USB flash drive, memory card or other storage device."



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"DoYourClone for Mac is a powerful yet easy-to-use Mac disk clone software. It can help you securely and easily clone hard drive, copy data, make disk image on Mac."

"I use DoYourClone for a while, it is great disk copy application. It is hard to clone a HDD to SSD without software, but with DoYourClone, it becomes simple and quick."

Tech Specification

File System

  • APFS
  • HFS/HFS+
  • FAT 12/16/32
  • exFAT
  • ext 2/3/4
  • And more

Operating System

  • macOS 13
  • macOS 12
  • macOS 11
  • macOS 10.15
  • macOS 10.14
  • macOS 10.13
  • macOS 10.12
  • OS X 10.11
  • OS X 10.10
  • OS X 10.9
  • Mac OS Server

Devices (M1/M2 chip Included)

  • All Mac Computers
  • HDD
  • SSD
  • USB Drive
  • Memory Card
  • RAID
  • Server
  • Digital Camera
  • Other Devices

Other Requirements

  • Disk Space: At least 60MB.
  • CPU: At least 1GHz.

Mac Disk Clone User Guide

Check Full User Guide

  • Step 1: Select hard drive for clone. Just select the source drive and destination drive.

    Select hard drive

  • Step 2: Copy hard drive. Copy the source drive to the destination drive.

    Copy hard drive

  • Step 3: Check cloned data. Check the cloned data on the destination drive.

    Check cloned data

  • Select hard drive
  • Copy hard drive
  • Check cloned data

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I clone my Mac HDD to an advanced SSD?+

    Yes, it is pretty simple. Run DoYourClone for Mac on your Mac and quickly clone the HDD to the SSD without data loss.

  • Can I use DoYourClone to create a bootable disk?+

    Yes, the Clone OS feature can help you clone Mac OS to an external hard drive and make it be bootable. Full guide >>

  • Is DoYourClone for Mac 100% safe?+

    Yes, DoYourClone for Mac is a 100% safe disk clone application.

  • Can I use the software on my new Mac computer?+

    Yes, after selling or donating your old computer, you can transfer the software license code to your new computer.

DoYourClone for Mac

DoYourClone for Mac

Easy-to-use disk clone & disk copy software for Mac