24-05-24 23:37:49
  • I will sell my MacBook and wanna a bootable clone so I can work on another MAC. Thanks to this app, all my data is migrated to my Seagate external SSD.

    by Laura
    24-05-23 15:59:57
  • It is easy to make a clone for my M3 MacBook Pro with this software, it also works well on my Mac Studio.

    by Soru
    24-01-14 17:03:26
  • Thanks so so much! I tried many apps, only your app can clone my Mac to th Samsung T9 SSD.

    by MAC2024
    24-01-12 15:19:35
  • The only one can create a bootable clone for my macOS Sonoma, M2 MacBook Pro.

    by Minina
    23-10-15 20:24:40
  • An easy to use tool. It helps to make a backup of my macOS Sonoma, M2 MacBook with an external hard drive. Works well.

    by Lipai Hen
    23-08-03 16:12:22
  • It is said free trial, but it can not perform OS Clone otherwise get the full version. I have to purchse a license key, thanksfully, it works well on macOS Sonoma, helping me to create a bootable clone.

    by Mirana
    23-01-22 14:36:58
  • Can this software clone startup disk to an external drive on a M2 MacBook?

    by Mary Chen

    DoYourData Replies :Yes, it can help you clone disk on M1/M2 chip Mac.

    22-09-29 15:18:50
  • It is much better than CCC. Quickly create a bootable clone for my MacBook.

    by Jin Lin