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How to Permanently Wipe Memory Card Data?

by Shirly Chen, 2016-06-19

Why should you permanently wipe memory card data before you resell or discard your memory card? For example, you have to think twice before you sell your old memory card to someone else. Let us tell you that your deleted data inside the memory card can still be recovered by someone else if you do not really wipe the whole files inside your memory card. What if you have some personal deleted files inside your memory card? Someone still has a chance to recover your personal pictures, document, video, and much more from your memory card. Data recovery software can easily recover all your deleted, or formatted data on your memory card, so you have to use special method to destroy/wipe the data on the memory card to avoid data leakage.

Wipe Memory Card with Powerful Data Erasing Software

You must wipe the memory card permanently before you sell it to others or throw it into trash. Perhaps, you are questioning how to wipe memory card permanently? This is what we are going to tell you about. Here, we would like to recommend you our special software – DoYourData Super Eraser which is specifically used to wipe memory card permanently with no chance to recover it anymore. Super Eraser will wipe, destroy the selected data and overwrite the disk space to make data recovery impossible.

You can download Super Eraser here to wipe your memory card permanently. It is very effective and 100% works on any digital storage device. You can download it and install it on your computer. It works on Windows OS and Mac OS. This tool is really simple and easy to use, so you must not need any manuals to do it. You can select three wipe modes such as Erase Files/Folders Mode, Wipe Partition/Device Mode, and Wipe Unused Space Mode. You can see some tips below how to wipe memory card permanently.

Three Modes for Wiping Memory Card

Tips 1: Using Erase Files/Folders Mode.

This mode will help you erase selected files or folders. If you only want to wipe some files on your memory card, it is the best choice.

wipe memory card

Tips 2: Using Wipe Partition/ Device Mode.

This mode can be used if you already make sure that the whole files inside the memory card are no longer important. So, you can wipe the memory card in one click. This mode will erase any files inside your memory card, both existing data and deleted files. You can just simply click "Wipe Now". However, you can skip this mode if you want to save your existing data.

wipe memory card

Tips 3: Using Wipe Free Space Mode.

This mode is the best choice for you to save your existing data from the permanent wipe. This mode will only work to wipe deleted or lost files on your memory card. You are no need to worry about the existing files, they will be saved.

wipe memory card

Those are some tips to wipe memory card data permanently before you are going to give your memory card to someone else. By doing a permanent wipe, no one will have a chance to recover the lost data because it will be totally wiped.

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