"I have an old computer which I will not use any more. I am going to give it to one of my friends, but I had put some very private files in it, I don't want to other people see those files. I formatted the hard drive, but I could recover these files with data recovery software. I think other people may also recover them. Can you tell me how to permanently delete my sensitive data on it? " - Qualala

When do we need to permanently delete sensitive data?

This is an age of technology and information, an age of Internet. We express ourselves as well as expose our information through internet or data transfer. Many of us have been the victims of privacy leakage. We have to try our best to avoid sharing our personal data with others by accident. Before we resell or recycle our computer, USB drive, digital camera, we'd better permanently delete sensitive data.

Can we delete a file by deleting, shift + delete or dragging it to the recycle bin? The answer is NO. The deleted file is still on the hard drive even if you have emptied the recycle bin. You just delete the entry of the file, not the file. Even you have formatted the hard drive, you still can't make the data permanently lost. People can easily find a data recovery tool to easily and quickly recover your sensitive data after you delete it or format the hard drive.

How can we permanently delete sensitive data?

For sake of permanently deleting sensitive data on your hard drive or storage device, you should get the help of data erasure software. DoYourData Super Eraser is the award-winning one which can permanently delete sensitive data on your hard drive or removable device. It will destroy and overwrite the deleted data to make it impossible to recover. After deleting data by using Super Eraser, the data is totally lost. You can't recover it with any kind of data recovery software.

How to use Super Eraser to permanently sensitive data?

With advanced technology, DoYourData Super Eraser can make your data be lost forever. It is so powerful, but it is so simple to use. After installing it on your PC or Mac, just launch it.

Permanently Delete Sensitive Data

Select the file or folder you want to delete, click "Erase Now". Super Eraser will completely delete the selected data.

Permanently Delete Sensitive Data

Check erasure history.

Permanently Delete Sensitive Data

After permanent deletion, the selected data is lost forever. Nobody can recover your sensitive data even with the most powerful data recovery tool. It is recommended to back up your data to another place in case that you will need it in future.