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Free SDHC Card Data Recovery Software for Retrieving Data

First of all, let’s see a data loss case of SDHC card data recovery.

“How to recover lost data from a SDHC card? I format my SanDisk SDHC card by mistake. That leads to loss of all the photos on the card. My friend says that I can recover the SDHC card with data recovery software. But I don’t know how to find the right SDHC card data recovery software, and I want to make sure that the operation will not make the situation worse.” – Lucy

Recover Lost Data from SDHC Card

There are a lot of causes could result in data loss on SDHC card, such as deletion, format, improper operation, virus attacking, etc. Whether you delete files on SDHC card or format the entire SDHC card, free SDHC card data recovery software should be the best solution of data recovery. Do Your Data Recovery Free is one of the most popular free data recovery software, it offers complete data recovery solution for retrieving lost data from hard drive or storage media. It is capable of recovering lost data from SDHC card within easy steps.

Step 1: Download the free SDHC card software on your computer.

You can download and install Do Your Data Recovery Free on your PC or Mac. It is fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS. Normally, the download-install process takes up 40 seconds. Very easy and very quick.

Step 2: Connect the SDHC card with your computer.

To recover lost data from SDHC card, you should connect the SDHC card to the computer that has installed the free SDHC card data recovery software. A card reader can help you.

Step 3: Run the free SDHC card data recovery software.

After connecting the SDHC card with your computer, just run Do Your Data Recovery Free. It will list all the drives and devices on your computer, select the SDHC card and click Next to move to next step.

Recover Lost Data from SDHC Card

Step 4: Select file types.

In this step, you can select the file types you want to recover. Otherwise the software will scan your SDHC card and find all types of lost files. Click on “Scan” button to search lost data on the SDHC card.

Recover Lost Data from SDHC Card

Step 5: Preview and recover files.

After scanning, all the files will be listed in three styles: Path, File type, Time. It is very easy to locate the files you are looking for. Select the files you want, then click “Recover” button to save them on your hard drive.

Recover Lost Data from SDHC Card

SDHC Card Data Recovery Tips

1. The premise of data recovery is that the disk space of the lost files has not been completely overwritten by other data. To prevent data being overwritten, you should:

  • Don’t put new data to the SDHC card after data loss.
  • Don’t save the recovered data to the SDHC card before get all data back.

2. Do Your Data Recovery Free offers two recovery modes. If you have not recovered all data after quick scan, just try deep scan to find much more recoverable files on the SDHC card.

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