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erase data under macOS Sierra

Many Mac users know that the deleted or formatted data can be recovered easily by data recovery software. So before we resell, discard or giveaway our old Mac or digital camera, we’d better completely wipe private data on the hard drive. Now many Mac users have upgraded the operating system to macOS Sierra. In this article, we are going to easily erase data under macOS Sierra.

When we are talking about data erasing, we are not talk about deleting files and emptying trash bin or formatting the hard drive. We are really talking about permanently erasing the data on the hard drive with no chance of data recovery. It means we are not only going to delete the files, but also shred and wipe the data, then use random bytes to overwrite the disk space of the erased data. Now nobody can recover it.

macOS Sierra Data Erasing Software

The best way to permanently erase data under macOS Sierra is using the macOS Sierra data erasing software. Of course, you may find other ways to erase data from your macOS Sierra Mac, but it takes much time and you can’t make sure the erasing quality. Super Eraser is the one you can rely on. Millions of users are using this software to destroy data before they giveaway, resell or discard their devices. It is the most secure & fast way to permanently wipe data under macOS Sierra.

If you want to permanently erase data under macOS Sierra, just download it and run it on your macOS Sierra Mac. It is very easy to use. We promise that the erased data by Super Eraser for Mac will be never recovered by any data recovery software or manual data recovery service.

It offers three smart options for you to erase data under macOS Sierra.

Option 1: Erase specific files/folders under macOS Sierra.

Yes, in most cases, you don’t have to erase all your files. Just select the wanted files and folders on your Mac hard drive, then use this option to permanently erase them. That’s easy and safe.

erase data under macOS Sierra

Option 2: Wipe entire hard drive or device under macOS Sierra.

If you are going to wipe all the data on the hard drive or storage media device, you can use this option. It will wipe all the files including the existing files, deleted files and your traces on the hard drive or device. In a word, it will wipe all, empty all!

erase data under macOS Sierra

Option 3: Erase deleted/lost data under macOS Sierra.

As we have known that the deleted/lost data can be recovered. This option mode will keep the existing files safe and only erase the deleted/lost files and traces on the hard drive.

erase data under macOS Sierra

Super Eraser for Mac provides secure and efficient data erasing solution for macOS Sierra. As you see, it is very easy to use. But please remember that the erased files can’t be recovered anymore. So please backup your important files before you erase them with Super Eraser for Mac. It also supports Mac OS 10.6 – 10.15.

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