I use Super Eraser to wipe entire hard drive partition. After wipe, I try to access the partition. But I can't open it, when I click the partition, it asks me to format the partition, what should I do?

When you use the data wipe mode of Super Eraser "Wipe Partition/Device" to erase the entire hard drive partition or storage device, all the data and information on the partition/device will be permanently erased, the file system of the partition/device will be destroyed. The wiped partition/device is as new as a new one. If you or other people want to reuse the partition or device, you/other people have to format the partition/device to rebuild the file system. It is very easy and just takes a little time to complete.

The method is: when you first time to try to open the partition/device, it asks to format the partition/device, just accept the requirement and click to format the partition/device. Once the format gets finished, you can use the partition/device normally.

format after using super eraser

Also you can right-click the partition/device to format the wiped hard drive/device. If you have any question, feel free to contact us by sending an email to support@doyourdata.com.