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how to clone hard drive on Windows Vista

“I run Windows Vista on 250 GB hard drive (C:) and now want to upgrade to larger HDD. After that I can reformat old HDD as a data drive. So, how to copy hard drive in Windows Vista including system setting, registry and other data then I can boot Vista from the new HDD?”

There are many situations that users want to clone the hard drive in Windows Vista. For example, back up system or data drive, system clone, upgrade system drive, replace damaging hard drive, etc. In such a cases, you need a reliable disk cloning software to help you clone the hard drive securely.

Best disk copy software for Windows Vista

DoYourClone is a popular and effective software that used by many users to clone hard drive. It’s the best choice we suggested for disk copy in Windows Vista. You can download this software to have a try first.

The software if full compatible with Windows and it can work very well to clone hard drive in Windows Vista. It’s able to clone hard drive and create an accurate copy with all the data on the original drive. You can use it to clone system drive or data drive.

If you want to copy SSD, memory card, USB flash drive, or other storage device in Windows Vista, you can also use this software. It can clone different drive/device in any file system, including NTFS, FAT32, ReFS, ExFAT, and so on.

By default, it will clone your hard drive in file level. It’s able to copy all the data on your drive completely. Besides, if you want to ensure all the sectors on the drive be copied, you can enable sector by sector clone option. Then it will clone all the sectors and ensure to create an exact copy of the drive.

Simple tutorial to copy disk in Windows Vista

After installing the disk copy software on your Windows Vista machine, you can then try to clone your hard drive. Before you start to copy the hard drive, please ensure to connect the source and destination drives to your Windows Vista machine.

Once your get ready for the disk copy, please then refer to the following simple guide to clone your hard drive in Windows Vista step by step.

Step 1. Start the disk cloning software on your Windows Vista.

After installing the disk copy software on your machine in Windows Vista, you will see an shortcut icon of the software on desktop. Just double click the shortcut to run the software.

Windows Vista disk clone

Step 2. Choose the source and destination hard drive.

Please choose the correct hard drive that you want to clone as source disk. Also, choose another empty hard drive as destination for the disk copy.

Select source drive and destination drive

Step 3. Clone the hard drive and check the drive after cloning.

Then please clone your hard drive to the destination drive. It will take a while to clone the drive. After the disk copy is done, please go to the destination drive and check if the hard drive is cloned successfully.

clone hard drive on Windows Vista

To clone hard drive in Windows Vista, the best solution is to use the software DoYourClone. The software can securely clone hard drive and keep your data safe. What’s more, the software can support disk copy in other system, including Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, 11. If you want to clone drive in any other cases, you can have a try with this disk cloning software.

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