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In this article, we will introduce a reliable and easy-to-use disk cloning software for Windows 10. Then you are able to securely and easily clone disk, partition or external device on Windows 10.

Disk cloning software is able to create an exact copy of your drive. It will clone the disk/partition including the files/folders and even the system data. With the best disk cloning software for Windows 10, you are able to clone any partition or entire disk completely on Windows 10.

Windows 10 disk clone

Why do you need to clone disk on Windows 10?

There are many cases that you need to clone your hard drive on Windows 10. Then you need to clone the drive/data to another drive with disk cloning software. Here we will list some of the common cases when users need to clone hard drive on Windows 10.

First, if you are using a hared drive and the space is used up, you have to update it to a larger one and get more free space. Also, you need move the data from the small drive to the larger one. You can clone the drive in such a case to accomplish the task.

Second, drive will be overused after a long time. To avoid the data/drive being damaged, you can clone the old disk to a new one to keep your data safe.

Third, if the computer is running slower and slower, you can exchange your hard drive with a new one with the better performance as a solution. For example, you may want to clone a HDD with an SSD and replace it to make your Windows 10 machine perform better and run faster.

Also, you can clone your hard disk on Windows 10 as backup. For instance, you can clone your system or data drive to another drive as an offline copy. If the data or system encounter any issues on the original hard drive, then you can replace the drive with the cloned drive to continue using the data or drive.

Best disk cloning software for Windows 10

To clone hard drive on Windows 10, the first thing you need to do is find a disk cloning software for Windows 10. To achieve the goal, we suggest you a reliable and effective disk cloning software - DoYourClone. You can download the software as below.

This disk cloning software is able to clone a single partition or entire hard disk. It can clone the partition layout and all the data on the partition/disk completely. To ensure all the data on the disk could be cloned completely, the software also offer the sector level clone.

What’s more, with this software, you can also clone system drive successfully. It means the software is able to clone the data and system together to the new drive. Then it’s able to create an exactly copy of the system drive. After cloning the system drive to the new drive, you can try to boot from the cloned drive directly.

At last, if you want to clone the drive and use the space fully on the destination drive, you can also edit the layout of the partition(s) on the destination disk. Then you can clone the drive successfully even you are trying to clone a drive to a smaller one.

Steps to clone disk on Windows 10

The disk cloning software is not complex to use. Users can use the software to clone the hard drive with only a few clicks. Here is a simple and quick tutorial to help you clone hard drive on Windows step by step.

Step 1. Connect the destination to the computer and run the disk cloning software.

Best Disk Cloning Software for Windows 10

Step 2. Please ensure to choose the correct source and destination disks to clone.

Best Disk Cloning Software for Windows 10

Step 3. It will take some time to clone the drive. Please wait patiently and check the destination disk after the clone process is done.

Best Disk Cloning Software for Windows 10

After cloning the drive successfully, you can go to the destination disk to check the partition and data. If you cloned the system drive, you can also replace the old system drive with the clone disk and try to boot from it directly.

The software DoYourClone can help you clone the drive on Windows 10 and other system, like Windows 11, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc. No matter you want to clone the drive as backup, update the system disk, or replace HDD with SSD, you can download and use this effective disk cloning software.

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