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raw USB drive data recovery

Before we talk about raw USB drive data recovery solution, let’s talk about the symptoms when the USB flash drive becomes raw and the reasons why the USB flash drive becomes raw. When your USB drive become raw, it means the file system of the USB dive has been damaged. Various messages may appear, including "The drive X is not formatted, do you want to format it now?" "CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives."

When you try to access to the USB drive, the requirement may be rejected. In some cases, you can open the USB drive, but all files are gone or become shortcuts. When you check the properties of the USB flash drive, you will see that the file system is raw, and all the used/free space shows o bites. There are many reasons behind the raw drive problem. Most common of them are:

  • File system convert failed – for example, the process of converting from FAT to NTFS gets failed.
  • The USB drive gets attacked by virus or malware.
  • The file system gets corrupted due to data wipe or formatting the hard drive.
  • The USB drive is damaged.

raw USB drive data recovery

Raw USB Drive Data Recovery – Free Solution

It is really heart-struck moment when you find the USB drive become raw. All the files on the USB drive seem lost even if you have to perform the format requirement of the message. Whether if you have format the USB drive or not, the files on it can be recovered by data recovery software. There are many data recovery programs on the marketing, but the quality of the programs vary greatly. If you choose the wrong data recovery software, you will not recover all your files, even make the situation worse.

Do Your Data Recovery Free can offer free raw USB drive data recovery solution for common users to recover files from raw USB flash drive. It is freeware with full features. Compared with other data recovery program, Do Your Data Recovery Free is very simple to use. The wizard-based interface makes raw USB drive recovery become easy. Here are the steps, you can follow the steps below to recover files from a raw USB drive and fix the raw error.

Step 1: Connect your USB drive to the computer.

First of all, download and install Do Your Data Recovery Free on your computer. Then connect the USB drive with the computer. Run Do Your Data Recovery Free and select the USB drive, click "Next" to continue.

raw USB drive data recovery

Step 2: Select file types and scan the raw USB drive.

What you want to recover? Photos, videos, documents or other files? Just select them at this step. Click on "Scan" button to scan your raw USB drive to find lost files.

raw USB drive data recovery

Step 3: Preview and recover files.

After scanning, you can easily locate the files you want. Before you decide to save them, you can preview the files to check their quality and detailed information.

raw USB drive data recovery

Do Your Data Recovery Free is very excellent for raw USB drive data recovery. It also offers deep scan mode to deeply scan your raw USB drive and find a large number of lost files on the USB drive. Before you get all the files back, please don’t put new files to it in case that the lost files would be overwritten by new files. If you want to fix the raw error, just format the USB drive or use third-party tool to fix the damaged file system.

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