23-07-27 22:25:20
  • I give it 4 stars. It scanned my WD external hard drive, and found the lost files. But, among the 1018 files, 2 of them are corrupted.

    by James Jalik
    23-01-20 16:50:15
  • Thanks a lot, great tool.

    by Kee Aniso
    23-01-01 14:47:36
  • I lost all my photos since the camera card was not recognized and be formatted. Thanks doyourdata, it scans the sd card and find my photos, no damage one.

    by Berklin
    22-12-01 13:27:44
  • Lots of thanks. It recovers my formatted drive and finds the important files for me.

    by Latasa
    22-09-29 14:26:05
  • Thanks a lot. I formatted a 1tb external hard drive and lost all my files. Thanks to your software, it recover all files. Amazing.

    by Serena
    22-05-11 15:21:30
  • My friend says this software is able to recover deleted documents. I just download it and then scan my USB flash drive where I deleted a few documents and think they were lost forever, this software is amzing, finding the lost documents. Recover all of them.

    by Warinka
    22-04-07 14:59:26
  • I am trying to recover lost data from a 1TB external disk which was formatted by mistake. The advanced recovery works, it scans the disk and then find about 800GB lost files, which are important.

    by Lisaman
    22-03-10 14:35:34
  • Thanks a lot, your software saves all my work documents.

    by Monica