23-07-28 13:25:15
  • I have been using MacClean360 for 6 years, and move it from my old MacBook Air yo new MacBook Pro, works well, thanks for resetting my code.

    by Manderson
    23-01-22 14:28:51
  • MacClean360 has all features that I needed. I transfer it to my new M2 Mac, works perfectly.

    by A MAC USER
    22-04-07 15:29:17
  • Purchased it from Bundlehunt, this is the best app for me. I like all the tools and the clean interface.

    by XIN WANG
    21-06-16 14:27:47
  • It is much better than other mac cleaner, great.

    by sarelei
    21-01-11 14:53:49
  • Outstanding disk cleaner, find much more junk files than other tools.

    by Benjman
    20-10-17 17:22:20
  • Very useful for Safari 14 cleanup.

    by Sunshineboy
    20-08-28 15:59:23
  • Works well on my MacBook, hope it also can help us to format hard drive to APFS.

    by Raha
    20-07-05 22:24:40
  • After runing years, my Mac works very slow. Thanks to MacClean360, just helps me clean up more than 20 GB files - by first scan. It also offers uninstaller, file shredder, just tools I need.

    by Monica