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If you are looking for a Mac disk wiper to help you destroy data under Mac OS, you are at the right place. Mac disk wiper can help you securely erase data from Mac hard drive or storage media under macOS or OS X. The main purpose of using Mac disk wiper is preventing your sensitive data from being recovered by data recovery software. It is very useful before you resell or donate your old device to other people.

DoYourData Mac Disk Wiper

DoYourData provides reliable Mac disk wiper to securely shred files or wipe data under Mac OS. In order to permanently destroy Mac data, DoYourData Mac disk wiper will erase the selected data and overwrite the disk space to completely avoid data recovery. The erased data will be lost forever. Even the most powerful data recovery software can not recover the erased data.

Compared with other Mac data wipers, DoYourData disk wiper is much more powerful and easier to use. It offers certified data erasure methods including HMG Infosec, US Army AR380, DoD5220, Peter Gutmann. So it can make sure permanently destroying your selected data.

And DoYourData disk wiper has many outstanding features. It not only wipes data from Mac hard drive, but it also can erase data from memory card, SD card, digital camera, USB drive, external hard drive, RAID, Server, etc. It is also an easy tool to format any hard drive or storage media under Mac OS.

DoYourData disk wiper gives users three options to permanently wipe data under various situations.

Mac Disk Wiper Option 1: Selectively Erase Files or Folders

This mode can help Mac users to destroy targeted files/folders from Mac hard drive or storage media. DoYourData disk wiper will help you erase selected files and folders. You don’t have to wipe the entire hard drive.

Mac Disk Wiper

Mac Disk Wiper Option 2: Wipe Entire Hard Drive

In some cases, for example you resell your external hard drive, you need to wipe all existing data and history data on your device to avoid data leakage. This option will help you wipe selected hard drive to permanently destroy all existing data and history data on the hard drive. It means all your data on the hard drive will be lost forever once the wipe process gets finished.

Mac Disk Wiper

Mac Disk Wiper Option 3: Wipe Deleted/Lost Data

If you don’t want to erase the existing files or data on your hard drive, you can choose this option to permanently destroy deleted/lost data on your hard drive. It is like wiping Mac trash bin.

Mac Disk Wiper

Nowadays, digital information becomes more and more important for most of us. So it is important to avoid data leakage when we are using Mac computers or other devices. Before we resell, donate, give away or even lend our device to other people, we should completely destroy sensitive data like financial documents, personal images, family videos, work documents, etc.

Mac disk wiper can help us easily and securely wipe data from Mac hard drive or storage media. Please remember that the deleted/formatted data can be easily recovered by Mac data recovery software. Only Mac disk wiper can permanently wipe your data from your Mac hard drive or storage media beyond the scope of data recovery.

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