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When data stored on digital camera memory card becomes useless, it is recommended to permanently wipe it with secure solution. However, for Mac users it is not very easy to wipe digital camera data on Mac. Mac OS is more complicated than Windows OS. So an easy and secure solution for permanently wipe digital camera data under Mac OS is to be discovered. If you are reading this article, you are a lucky man. In this article, you will lean an easy solution to permanently wipe digital camera data on Mac.

Permanently Wipe Digital Camera Data to Prevent Privacy Leaks

Why should Mac users permanently wipe digital camera data? People may use their digital camera take thousands of photos. These photos may be very private or very important. If these photos fall into the wrong hands, the consequences would be disastrous. So it is important to permanently wipe digital camera data under Mac OS before people sell, donate, or giveaway the digital camera/camera card. The data stored in the digital camera should be wiped out as well before people are going to lend the camera to other people or throw it into trash.

Whether deleting all data from camera or completely formatting the camera card can’t permanently erase the data from the digital camera. With the help of free data recovery software, other people can easily recover the deleted or formatted data from digital camera/camera card. So both deletion and format can’t do permanently erasure. Fortunately, DoYourData offers an easy-to-use and powerful data erasing tool to help users to permanently wipe digital camera data on Mac.

Destroy & Wipe Digital Camera Data on Mac with Super Eraser

Super Eraser for Mac is a specialized tool that can permanently wipe data under Mac OS. It can easily wipe digital camera data on Mac. Please note that Super Eraser for Mac will permanently wipe the data from the digital camera without the chance of data recovery. It means the photos or other data will be lost forever after wiping with Super Eraser for Mac. And it will not affect the service life of the digital camera. It offers three options for wiping digital camera data on Mac.

Option 1: Selectively wipe files from digital camera.

If you don’t wile all files from the digital camera, this option can help you selectively wipe photos and documents. Just select the files you want to wipe, and click on "Erase Now" button.

wipe digital camera data on Mac

Option 2: Wipe all data from digital camera on Mac.

This option will wipe all the existing data and history data (deleted/lost data and data traces) from the digital camera/camera card.

wipe digital camera data on Mac

Option 3: Wipe deleted/lost data and traces.

This option will permanently wipe the unused space of the digital camera to erase the history data – the deleted/lost data and data traces without affecting the existing files.

wipe digital camera data on Mac

Super Eraser for Mac can easily wipe data from digital camera under Mac OS. With this tool, you can permanently destroy data from digital camera before you resell or giveaway your old digital camera. The wiped data can’t be recovered by any data recovery software or service.

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