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Top 5 Mac Uninstaller for Easy Mac Uninstalling

by Henry Lee, 2016-12-14

Do you have any application in your Mac that you wish to thoroughly expel from your system? Just erasing it won't work in light of the fact that the application will even now leave transitory documents and inclinations. To dispose of it, you need to totally uninstall the application utilizing a dependable Mac uninstaller. Here we list top 5 Mac uninstallers to help in completely uninstalling Mac applications and other software.

Best 5 Mac Uninstallers

Top 5 Mac Uninstaller - AppUninser

DoYourData AppUninser is an all-in-one Mac uninstaller. It is very powerful. This powerful Mac uninstaller can help you easily and quickly uninstall unwanted applications one by one or in batches from your Mac computer. It will automatically clean up all leftovers including App junk, logs, caches, registry files, etc.

DoYourData AppUninser also can help you remove useless plug-ins, games, widgets, multi-languages etc from your Mac. It is pretty simple to use. You can uninstall all useless applications by only 1 click.

top 5 Mac uninstaller

Top 5 Mac Uninstaller - Mackeeper

Mackeeper is a multi-utilitarian application that can play out various capacities for your Mac. It is dependable in erasing and totally uninstalling applications including their related records. It additionally has valuable capacities for securing your Mac, for example, against burglary and antivirus highlights. Besides that, it could likewise help you deal with your records, clean your Mac, and advance its execution. On the off chance that you utilize this product, you don't need to purchase different applications for Mac tidy up or Mac assurance.

Top 5 Mac Uninstaller - AppCleaner

AppCleaner is a successful application for uninstalling applications in your Mac. When it erases an application, it will likewise uninstall gadgets and different stragglers, abandoning little impressions. In the event that you have a specific application you wish to ensure, you can likewise check it to maintain a strategic distance from incidental erasure. It has a component called SmartDelete where it will offer cancellation of scraps for applications you have sent to the waste.

Top 5 Mac Uninstaller - AppDelete

AppDelete is another capable Mac uninstaller. It will evacuate applications including inclination sheets, modules, gadgets, screen savers, and different documents connected with the application. At the point when utilizing this application, you have a few alternatives on what to do with undesirable applications. You can erase them, log just, or chronicle the application to a compress record so you can in any case reinstall them later when required.

Top 5 Mac Uninstaller- iTrash

iTrash uses an exceptional calculation called Levenshtein Distance Algorithm to look out application related documents including Prefpanes and gadgets before giving you a chance to erase them. It additionally works in phantom mode or foundation mode. On the off chance that you drop an application in the junk, iTrash will consequently fly up and help you with the applications' appropriate erasure.

The best 5 Mac uninstallers above can help you easily and completely remove useless applications from your Mac computer. Just download one of them to help you manage your Applications on your Mac.