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"Hi, My MacBook is running very slow. I even can’t quickly open an application on it. Is there any way to speed up the slow MacBook? What should I do?" – Jenny

speed up slow MacBook

Dose your MacBook run so slowly? When you purchase the MacBook, it was running very fast. But, after years of working, it gets slower and slower. You don’t know why your MacBook runs so slowly. There are so many guides and tips on the internet to tell you why a MacBook becomes slow. But, you still don’t how to speed up your slow MacBook. Don’t worry. MacClean360, an easy-to-use tool, can help you optimize and speed up your old MacBook.

Use MacClean30 to easily speed up slow MacBook

MacClean360 is an all-in-one application which can help in optimizing, clearing and managing Mac computer. It offers easy-to-use tools to help you speed up slow MacBook.

1. Free up memory and CPU to quickly speed up slow MacBook

The quickest way to speed up slow MacBook is closing useless tasks on the MacBook to free up memory/CPU. MacClean360 offers a tool named "Memory Manager". This tool shows the usage of the RAM and CPU. You can close all the useless tasks on the MacBook by 1 click. Then your MacBook will run faster.

speed up slow MacBook

2. Clean up junk files on MacBook to speed up slow Mac

The junk files on the MacBook could make your MacBook run slow. MacClean360 can scan your MacBook and clean up all junk files including system junk, app junk, iTunes junk, email junk and trash bin junk. It also can help you uninstall useless applications, find and remove duplicate files/old files on MacBook. This is another way to free up disk space and optimize the MacBook.

speed up slow MacBook

3. Remove useless startup items to speed up slow MacBook

MacClean360 can help you manage startup items on MacBook. You can check all startup items on the MacBook. Then you can remove or hide the useless startup items to speed up your slow MacBook.

speed up slow MacBook

MacClean360 can help you easily and securely speed up slow MacBook. It is fully compatible with all OS X versions and macOS versions. If you want to restore the top performance of the MacBook, just download it on your MacBook. It is very easy-to-use. You can run it to do many things which could optimize or speed up your MacBook.

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