DoYourData Super Eraser User Guide

DoYourData Super Eraser is able to permanently and securely erase files/folders, wipe hard drive partition or storage media device and wipe free disk space.

Back up Useful Files before Erasing Your Hard Drive

DoYourData Super Eraser is powerful data erasure software that can permanently erase data from hard drive or storage media. Once the data is erased by DoYourData Super Eraser, it will be permanently lost and can’t recovered by any data recovery software or manual service. The erasure process is irreversible. So please make sure you want to erase your data and it is strongly recommended to back up useful files to a secondary hard disk drive before you erase data with DoYourData Super Eraser.

Three Data Erasure Modes

Mode 1: Permanently Erase Selected Files/Folders

If you need to permanently erase specific files or folders rather than wipe the entire hard drive partition, this mode is right for you. The conventional methods of file deletion (like right-clicking deletion, Shift + Delete, Emptying recycle bin) only remove the entrance of the file. The deleted file is still on your hard drive and can be easily recovered by data recovery software. DoYourData Super Eraser will permanently destroy the selected files/folders and overwrite the disk space of the erased files/folders to completely erase them. After erasure, the erased files or folders will be permanently lost, can’t be recovered by any kind of data recovery software or service.

The operation is very simple. Add the files or folders you want to erase to the list, then click on “Erase Now” button to permanently erase your files or folders.

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Mode 2: Wipe Entire Hard Drive Partition

This mode is designed for completely destroying and wiping all the existing and history data on the selected hard drive partition or storage media (like USB drive, memory card, digital camera, SD card, external hard disk). It will erase all the existing data and history data on the selected hard drive partition or storage device, leaving no chance of data recovery.

Steps: select mode “Wipe Hard Drive” --> select the partition or device you want to wipe --> click on “Wipe Now” button to start wiping all the data on the partition or device.

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Please note:
1. It doesn’t support to wipe the hard drive partition that has installed your operating system.
2. When you try to re-open the partition or device after data wipe, the system may ask you to format it for initial use. This is normal. Just format the wiped partition or device. Then you can use it.

Mode 3: Wipe Unused Disk Space

The deleted or lost files are still on the unused disk space. This data erasure mode can permanently wipe the unused space of the partition/storage device to permanently wipe the deleted/lost files and traces.

Steps: select mode “Wipe Free Space” --> select the partition or device --> click on “Wipe Now” button to wipe the unused space of the selected partition/device.

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Set Data Erasure Standards/Methods

DoYourData Super Eraser is equipped with four data erasure methods based on different algorithms.

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Check and Manage Erasure History

DoYourData Super Eraser allows you to check, empty or export erasure history.

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Internet Cleanup

DoYourData Super Eraser can help you clean up all internet junk files and traces.

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Uninstall unwanted programs and clean up all leftovers.

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