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Are you an adventurer, filmmaker, or GoPro Hero 12 user who loves documenting life's exciting moments? Imagine exploring magnificent vistas and exhilarating adventures with your Hero 12 freezing, glitching, or not working as expected. Fear not! A factory reset may help revive your GoPro Hero 12 if you're fixing issues, selling it, or optimizing its performance.

In this detailed guide, we'll show you how to factory reset your GoPro 12. This article will help you unlock your action-packed camera's full potential, from why a reset may be needed to what to consider before pushing the reset button. So sit up and prepare to reset your GoPro 12 for a fresh start!

Factory Reset GoPro Hero 12

Important Considerations Before Resetting:

Keep in mind these things before you go ahead and reset the device to factory settings:

  • Backup Your Data: If you ever want to delete anything from your GoPro Hero 12, including recordings, photographs, settings, and preferences, you may do a factory reset. To avoid irretrievable loss, ensure you've backed up any crucial data to an alternative device or storage platform.
  • Battery Level: Ensure your GoPro has a sufficiently charged battery before resetting. It's best to have at least half a battery life to ensure the reset goes well.
  • Remove External Accessories: To avoid interference and possible data loss, disconnect all external accessories or connections from your GoPro Hero 12 before you begin the reset process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Factory Reset GoPro Hero 12:

Here are the specifics of how to reset your GoPro 12 to factory settings:

Step 1: Power On and Access Settings

  • Power On Your GoPro: By pressing the power/mode button, you can activate your GoPro Hero 12.
  • Access the Settings Menu: Reach the Settings option by navigating to the menu using the screen or physical buttons, whichever is more appropriate for your GoPro model.

Step 2: Locate "Reset" Option

Head to the Preferences section: Go to the Settings menu and pick "Preferences."

Find "Reset" or "Factory Reset":

You can find the option to "Reset" or "Factory Reset" in the Preferences menu. This option's label may change with each firmware or software upgrade.

Step 3: Initiate Factory Reset

  • Confirm Factory Reset: Choose "Reset" or "Factory Reset" when you see that choice. The camera will display a warning notice regarding the deletion of all data. Please verify the steps to move forward.

Some models may need you to input a confirmation code before they let you reset, so be sure to check the screen before you do so. Enter the code by following the on-screen prompts.

Step 4: Complete the Reset Process

Your GoPro Hero 12 will start the reset once you confirm the factory reset. As the device resets to factory settings and deletes all user data, this process could take some time.

  • Reboot and Setup: Your GoPro Hero 12 will restart after the reset. The device will be asked to be configured as if it were brand new, which includes choosing the language, establishing the date and time, and initializing the settings.

Step 5: Reconfigure Settings (If Necessary)

  • Reconfigure Preferences: You can adjust the settings once you've reset your GoPro Hero 12. Feel free to tweak the video's settings to your liking, including the quality, frame rate, and exposure.
  • Restore Backup Data: Return any data you backed up before the reset to your GoPro Hero 12 by transferring it from an external storage device or backup location.

Please note that the deleted videos in the GoPro Hero 12 can be recovered by data recovery software even after factory reset.

Seagate Pride Drive Data Recovery

Recover Deleted or Lost Videos from GoPro Hero 12

Run data recovery program to scan the GoPro Hero 12 and then recover deleted/formatted or lost data.

Additional Tips and Troubleshooting:

  1. Firmware Updates: Checking for firmware upgrades after conducting a factory reset is recommended. To get the most out of your GoPro and ensure it's running the most recent software, visit the official GoPro website or download the GoPro app.
  2. Still Experiencing Issues?: Consider contacting GoPro's customer service for additional assistance if the issues continue after the factory reset. If this happens, it can signal a hardware problem that needs fixing.
  3. Multiple Reset Attempts: For a fresh start with your GoPro Hero 12, try resetting it to factory settings if the initial effort doesn't fix the problems.

Permanently Wipe Data from GoPro Hero 12

Before you sell or donate your GoPro Hero 12, you can use a data erasure program to help you wipe the GoPro Hero 12.

Step 1. Download and install a data erasure program - DoYourData Super Eraser on your computer.

Step 2. Connect the GoPro Hero 12 to your computer and open DoYourData Super Eraser.

wipe GoPro Hero 12

Step 3. Choose data erasure mode - Wipe Hard Drive, select the GoPro Hero 12 and click on Wipe Now button.

wwipe GoPro Hero 12

Once the data is erased by DoYourData Super Eraser, the data is gone forever, can not be recovered by any method.


If you're having trouble with your GoPro Hero 12, resetting it to factory settings is one powerful option. Be careful with backing up your data and ensuring the gadget is well-charged.

Feel secure resetting your GoPro Hero 12 to factory settings to fix technical issues, get it ready for a new owner, or get the most out of it by following this detailed guide and considering the important suggestions given. Make sure to back up your data regularly and treat your device carefully.

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