23-09-01 20:35:34
  • Thanks so much!I need a free app to restore a few documents from a USB flash drive. It finds all my lost documents and recovers all of them for free. THANK YOU.

    by Gage Mezet
    23-07-28 13:30:39
  • It scanned my USB flash drive, and find all the files I need. But it only recover 1GB files for free and if I need to recover more files, I have to upgrade to the Pro version. Thats bad.

    by Grace Rubio
    23-01-10 20:18:42
  • A good tool to recover files on Mac, no need to upgrade to pro version.

    by Ka Li
    21-07-24 09:17:34
  • Thanks so much, I deleted my word file from desktop and emptied it from trash bin, your software got it back, thats important to me.

    by Bonar
    21-05-27 15:27:30
  • It worked well on my MacBook. I used it twice, achived my goal.

    by PECHUER
    21-01-24 21:52:18
  • After 1GB recovery, I bought the Do Your Data Recovery Pro for upgrade. It has managed to restored all the images that i have accidentally overwritten and deleted. I am very satisfied with this software.

    by koopa
    20-12-11 15:49:09
  • The hard drive of my MacBook is encrypted, thanks to doyourdata, It really recovers my deleted files.

    by Keirg
    20-10-30 15:06:05
  • Thanks so much! It quickly recovers my deleted files. Works perfectly.

    by Dashua