23-01-22 14:53:17
  • I love this data recovery app because it can find the lost files even the disk is SSD.

    by Song Lin
    21-06-16 14:44:19
  • I purchased my M1 Mac a few days ago, and I test this software with my M1 Mac, it could scan the disk and find most of lost files.

    by Molis
    21-01-24 21:54:47
  • We have three hard drives which are formatted...Do Your Data Recovery is the only software which could find all the lost documents. Great tool.

    by Javia
    20-07-13 16:16:56
  • Thanks so much! All my files are restored. Very easy to use tool.

    by Kanstin
    20-02-21 17:36:45
  • Most of customers are satisfied the data recovery result,.

    by Nori
    19-10-16 21:08:28
  • Catalina Supported?

    by Matter Talor

    DoYourData Replies :Yes, it is fully compatible with macOS Catalina.

    19-03-20 19:47:02
  • I formatted a 1tb hard drive without backup. Download doyourdata recovery and scan my hard drive, it recovers all my lost files, very easy to use.

    by Uutis
    18-11-16 02:39:16
  • Can I install and activate this software on about 70 Macs?

    by Frank Moo

    DoYourData Replies :Yes, you can use it on more than 100 Macs.